Full Wraps


Don't change the car, change the colour! A full wrap can inject new life into a vehicle, giving you full control over the colour and finish. Achieve the look YOU desire!

Partial Wraps


Love the colour of your car, but want to break it up a little? Want the illusion of a panoramic roof? A partial wrap, such as the roof or bonnet can transform a vehicle.

Chrome Delete


Chrome trims can date a car. By wrapping chrome elements of your vehicle in a different colour, you will give it a modern stylish look. Remember, we're not in the 90's anymore!

Decals & Lettering


Love the colour of your car but want to make it stand out from the crowd? Looking to advertise an event or the sale of your vehicle? We can design and install bespoke lettering and decals kits.

Wrap Removals & Repairs


Having a vinyl wrap professionally removed is always advisable. Whether the wrap has come to the end of its life, of you're looking to replace it with a new one, we can help.

Motorcycle Wraps


Looking for some custom decals but can't find the right colour or design? Want a specific width stripe for your tank but can't find anywhere that makes them? Contact us, we've got you covered!

Light Tinting


Light tinting is a small modification to a vehicle that can make a huge difference! Headlights, taillights, fog lights, reflectors and brake lights ... we can tint them all!



Wanting something unique and personal to you? We can make, recreate, supply, fit and design just about anything from simple stripes to full OTT kits!

Interior Wraps


Is the inside of your vehicle looking tired or dated? Want to protect your brand new vehicles' interior from scratches? Get in touch to see if we can help protect your interior with a wrap!

Commercial & Fleet


At KJ Wraps, we welcome commercial clients. We complete all work to the same level of quality as we would with private clients' vehicles, so you can be assured of the same high quality results.